Waterproof Phone Case Iphone 7 CASEZA Zurich Detachable Wallet Case iPhone 12 Pro Black – Premium PU Leather 2in1 Flip Folio Book Cover



2 CASES IN 1: Only use as much protection as you need. For example, keep off the outside case on your sofa, for more comfortable handling.

WIRELESS QI CHARGING: For wireless charging you can keep your phone in the inside case.

ULTIMATE WALLET CASE: Leave your wallet at home. The outside case offers three card slots and an extra cash pocket. Caution is advised for cards with magnetic stripes.

PREMIUM PU LEATHER – Carefully selected vegan leather gives this case a quality look & feel.

ALL AROUND PROTECTION: Give your iPhone exactly the protection it needs in any situation. The strong magnet lets the inside case remain fixed at all times.

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