Travis Scott Iphone Case Clear Ultra-Thin Slim Soft TPU



[Compatible with iPhone 11] Designed for iPhone 11. It fits perfectly with the phone, and the openings for charging holes, buttons, ports, speakers, and camera are very accurate and easy to use, without frequent disassembly.

[Exquisite cartoon design] The exterior of this iPhone 11 protective case is printed with a very cute cartoon pattern. The color is bright and the pattern will not fall off. It looks very unique and makes people feel happy. And nicely decorated the phone.

[Thin and light] The iPhone 11 protective case is made of high-quality TPU material, which will not add extra volume to the phone. It is light and translucent, simple and stylish, and easy to carry.

[Excellent protection ability] Although this protective case is very thin, it is very powerful. When your phone accidentally falls, the four corners of the anti-fall airbag will protect your phone. The tough material prevents scratches on the phone’s surface. In addition, this protective case is also resistant to yellowing, and it remains as bright as new after long use.

[Easy to clean] The surface of this iPhone 11 protective cover is covered with a special oleophobic coating, which effectively reduces fingerprints. If there are stains, it can be cleaned with a towel dipped in clean water, which is very convenient.

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