Phone Cases For Samsung 8 Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case 2-3 Card Holder Pocket Premium Soft Supple Leather Apple iPhone



MUJJO’S BEST LEATHER WALLET CASES YET for iPHONE 11 (6.1) – A simple but brilliant protective cover case for women and men. Card-holder pocket turns phone into a wallet. Dutch design.

NATURAL FULL-GRAIN LEATHER HIDE – Warmer, ‘grippier’ feel. Slim iPhone 11 case fully wrapped in soft, supple vegetable-tanned leather. Every grain visible. Satin-like interior padded with Japanese microfiber.

EXPERTLY STITCHED LEATHER CARD HOLDER – Make your daily life convenient. Pocket fits 2 to 3 cards (once leather softens). Styled by a slanted line. Screen surface protected with raised leather lip.

NATURAL AGING EFFECT, UNIQUE TO YOU – Beautiful aging leather, unlike Apple’s case. Colors enriched with aniline oil treatment. Uniquely yours – with every touch and stain. Choose Black for no aging.

CRAFTSMANSHIP IN THE LITTLE DETAILS – Buttons protected with leather, optimized for responsiveness. Aesthetic camera opening. Wireless charging compatible. Exceptional packaging. 2-year warranty.

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